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Skully Sewing Needles T-Shirt

Welcome! All of the products in this shop are shipped direct to you from Craftster. If you don't see exactly what you are looking for, you may want to try our "print on demand" shops at Spreadshirt and Cafepress.


Seamstresses can be bad asses too.

This design is printed on a black shirt.

Please be sure to read the sizing charts carefully. Chest measurement is from armpit to armpit. Length is measured from center of shoulder to bottom hem. All measurements listed in inches.

Alternative Apparel Fitted Shirts
Chest Waist Hips Length
S (Alt) 15.5" 14.25" 16" 23.5"
M (Alt) 16.5" 15" 17" 24"
L (Alt) 17.25" 15.5" 17.5" 25.5"
XL (Alt) 18.25" 17" 18.5" 27"

American Apparel Fitted Shirts
Chest Length
XXL (AA) 20" 28"

Anvil Plus Size Shirts
Chest Length
XXL (Anvil) 25" 28.5"
XXXL (Anvil) 27" 29.5"

* You can contact us if we are sold out of your size and we will email you when we get it back in stock.

All items shipped via USPS flat-rate priority mail and we charge only the amount we pay. (No handling charges!) The shipping charges are as follows:

United States: $5.75
Canada: $19.95
Everywhere else: $23.95

Orders are mailed out within 3 business days.


  • Small (Alternative Apparel) - 33% in stock
  • Medium (Alternative Apparel) - 29% in stock
  • Large (Alternative Apparel) - 0% in stock
    Sold Out
  • Large (American Apparel) - 89% in stock
  • X-Large (American Apparel) - 53% in stock
  • XX-Large (American Apparel) - 40% in stock
  • XX-Large (Anvil) - 22% in stock
  • XXX-Large (Anvil) - 0% in stock
    Sold Out
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